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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Best Looking Roomie Award goes to...

Two of my best looking roomies, it must be the Puerto Rican sun. Chico, who used to hit us if we tried to wake him up, was a great roomie during college, he would cook up steak and keep the records spinning all night long. An aspiring DJ, he played Springtime Love one summer so many times that I have it permanently embedded in my consciousness years later. Living with Chico was so much fun, we definitely lived it up. That was the first townhouse I lived in with a phone jack in the bathroom. His crazy family would come and go and were so much fun, filling the house with parties, music and drama. He would fall asleep on the floor of the living room after playing music all night and we would have to poke him with a broom so we didn't get beat up. That was the year of tea with Peach Schnapps and coffee with Baileys, we never bought milk or sugar, we just kept a speed rack in the kitchen. Maggie was another great roomie, I lived with her after Chico. She has a way with plants, food, and people. Living in Brigantine was perfect for a bunch of singles, we had an outdoor beach shower and the best light for Maggie's plants. She had a bunch of ponytail palm trees that never made it after she moved in with her boyfriend.
This day she came back from PR to visit and we all got together at the Pomona Exit of the parkway for a quick reunion. It was too much fun and we made Chico late for his girlfriend's party, but it was a once in a lifetime kinda day. We canceled our dinner plans and met him in his shiny car and took some pics. I cannot believe that Mags lives so far away now, when I saw her it was like the time never passed at all. I am not sure she felt the same, aside from us both being a little chunkier, she hasn't changed a bit while I have settled down from my crazy youth. Aren't they good looking?

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