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Friday, August 21, 2009

The pressure

When I was watching house husbands today I heard a girl say to her dad that he didn't work. All the men complained of being unfufilled at one point or another. it reminded me of the pressure I felt from my daughter eight years ago. I had a full time job that I was good at. She didn't see it that way because it was a family business. In other words, it wasn't valued enough. It was these words from a seven year old that propelled me to go back to school to be a teacher, " It is not an important job mommy". I guess these words made me take note of what my dreams were, pre-kids. As I watched these men complete to-do lists left to them by their wives, I felt bad for them. Every mom knows how hard it is to stay home, it is easier to work away from home regardless of travel time. It also is important to know that our financial contribution helps. Nobody appreciates the laundry we do until they have run out of underwear and socks. Staying at home is a thankless job, so for every mom and dad that stays home and works their butts off there, I give you credit. I could only ever handle it part-time before I went bonkers.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tired of the pictures

I am tired of uploading my precious photos and seeing the photo places go out of business after a few years, Bubbleshare by Disney will be biting the dust soon and you know I use them a lot on my blog. Monetize already and stop messing with us! I will have to go back to actually ordering prints and books. I now upload rolls to three different sites, but I needed the blog ones to stay. I may have to get discriminating about what I shoot and keep, because there are only so many external harddrives I want in my life. They are sure to fail eventually. I guess I will just have to start handling this problem instead of letting endless files build up on hardrives and on the net.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

We will get sued...

My dogs went to the groomers this week, but not all of them. One poor mini-schnauzer had to stay behind because she had little schnauzer bump ulcers after being shut up while the carpet men were here. This rash is called comedone syndrome, which is the stupidest name I have ever heard of for a syndrome. It has something to do with the hair follicles erupting into ulcers. In my house if there is a bump/bite or scratch on one of the dogs, the other dogs will lick and chew on it until it is bloody. In the morning she was fine, by afternoon she was covered in bloody bumps. Uuuughh! It took two vets to diagnose, since they didn't look like bug bites and she had a rash on her belly as well. In fact, all her skin was pretty red. We put her on a regimen of steroids and antibiotics and kept her away from the other two dogs. Sadly her red door appointment had to be cancelled. While the other dogs enjoyed their day of beauty, my poor Trixe had to succumb to my own distinctive grooming style. I cut her carefully, avoiding her little bleeds and then used the razor on all the areas she would let me. I gave her a benzoyl peroxide shampoo for her little ulcers and she looked fairly good, until the other dogs came home. My schnauzer looks like a cat. My son was complaining about her look this morning and my daughter said,
" Never become a hairdresser mom, we will get sued."
I truly did my best, but she does squirm an awful lot.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Today is another day of revelations from my dad. He was at Woodstock for a few hours. Weird, I cannot picture it at all, apparently he flew in with a friend on his helicopter and when people were pooping where they were eating, they left. They didn't mind all the other stuff that that was pushing it. The stuff we do not know about our parents could fill several books I bet.

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