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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Whole Foods Experience

The staff were so nice to me, and that was a relief. Sometimes, when I go into a speciality store the service is rather cool. They were friendly and helpful at Whole Foods. My checkout person even gave me a shopping bag that used to be a plastic bottle, because it was my first time in the store. The store smells fishy in the produce section, but it was rather late at night, so I imagine they were changing out all the ice. I thought the cooked foods looked a bit overdone, but Whole Foods has a wonderful selection of foods ready to be cooked that I would try. It is like a gourmet, Health Food, Organic, Local Market all in one. I will definitely return when I have more time to compare prices. It seems that they have everything you could ever need for a recipe from the Silver Palate Cookbook, which, incidentally, I Love! If one has dietary restrictions, there are tons of choices, no gluten, no carbs, no wheat, all organic, etc. The frozen foods section was not as big as I hoped, but I was literally running through the store and didn't get much time to really look at it. I need to see if they make any more sauces than the ones I saw in their frozen pasta section. They had Fra Diavlo and White Clam, but I can already make those. I am looking for new ideas or sauces I do not make everyday, like marsala. They had Double Devon Cream and gruyere goat cheese, so it all looks promising.

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