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Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Don't Feel Different

The pension system in this country is whacked. I wanted to continue paying into my old pension at my new job, but guess what? Now that I have moved from pubic education to higher education, I have a new pension plan. according to my financial advisor, "You are different now."
I just did this a year ago when I moved from a charter school to a public school. Instead of letting me just keep paying into the PERS plan, I had to roll over to TPAF. Now that I am in Higher Education, I am something else entirely. I am not touching my TPAF for the moment, in case I go back to public school next year, but I just hate monitoring all these different accounts. I forget what is which half the time between the actual pension, the 403b and the credit union. Let me point out what nobody else is saying, NONE of the accounts are doing me ay good because the stocks and bonds markets are performing so poorly and NJ hasn't contributed their share in years. I am actually losing money!

I may do better by burying my pennies in a mason jar behind my sister's house. I would never bury it on my property, that would be too easy for the government to find and tax. They will never look for my money at her house, right?

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