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Sunday, January 10, 2010

My new friend Alice

So Alice came over yesterday. She was waiting for me when I got home. She may be my best friend ever because she brings me groceries that I don't have to stop at the store for. She is good looking too, all spiffy in her blue and black box, sporting her name. Alice saves me money and doesn't make me have to clip coupons, she gives them to me. She also wraps everything up in big ziplock bags so nothing spills. I can talk to Alice ANYTIME I want and she will come visiting me a few days later with everything I told her I needed. She is a lovely friend who my sister introduced me to. I couldn't believe she was as good as Pinky said she was, so I invited her to my house. It would be hard to forget such a friend, but in case I do, she will email me and ask me if there is anything I need, she will remind me when I should order those embarrassing sanitary products that I hate to have to put into my cart in the grocery store. For all I love about this new woman in my life, I do wish she brought me more foodstuffs. BUT she knows I am trying to lose weight, so she brings me dry goods and paper supplies, stuff to clean my house with, and lots of choices. Alice doesn't charge me for gas (shipping) and actually saves me money because what she brings me is the same price or lower than I could get it in the store.

If you want to meet my friend Alice, ask me to send you her link, you will get $10 off your first order with her if you go through me and I will save more money too. Thanks Pinky!

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