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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Know your Demographic!

UDL & Audience
After last week's class I knew that demographics plays an important part
 of every advertising campaign.  I always knew it,  but until I personally had to develop a product it didn't impact me as much.  In writing class we always teach our students to be aware of their audience.  This week as I assisted a school librarian build her own website, we had some incredible conversations about the choices she was making for including images on her pages.  She looked for African-American student photos because she thought her students would not connect with pictures of  children that were
 from a different demographic.  She was unhappy at the lack of images associated with African American students reading magazines.  There were more caucasian students reading than the diverse images she was looking for. Looking at her process from a UDL perspective, she builds images into her lessons that she knows the students will identify with.
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