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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Someday is Here

I am not getting old, I am not pregnant, I am not even planning on moving to a commune. I simply wanted to learn how to knit. It is one of those things I always wanted to learn and told myself I would do someday. Along with a prolonged trip to Europe, and a tour of the Hoover Dam, mastering those needles has always seemed so far away and unreachable. My new year's resolution for 2009 was to knit something, anything.

Someday is here. It has been a week and a half since I learned the most basic knitting stitch, I have made a scarf and two headbands for my daughter. They are not horrible and she is totally excited to wear them and has started to make suggestions and requests for certain design features. I am already a yarn snob. Halfway through the first project, I decided that the yarn I was using was not soft enough for my daughter's delicate skin. I was twittering asking everyone the best method for getting that cheap practice yarn soft. I was also looking on Etsy to see what kind of knitting projects everyone was selling. After looking in my local area, I found a lady of interest. I can't wait until next week's knitting meeting to hook up with her, she spins her own yarn from her angora bunnies. I have a friend who spins her own yarn and makes amazing felted projects, but she is away right now and according to her kids, may be on a semi-menopausal tear halfway across the country.

I am excited to create accessories for my daughter to wear, I do not think of blankets as possible projects. I think little short-term projects will satisfy my impatient nature best. I really cannot see myself sticking to one large project like that for months unless it is a quilt. That will be the next resolution... Maybe a mid-year resolution.

In case you were wondering how awful my first project was, here is a sample.
That was the first day I ever knitted.

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