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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where's my eyebrow?

We all get sick kids and those sleepless night where we bunk next to them to make sure they are still breathing all night long. I never let my kids sleep alone when they are sick, so that means I rarely sleep when they are not feeling well. I don't mind, I can never relax if they are not right next to me breathing toxic germs in my face. But when you combine two or three days of no sleep with a teenager who stole my tweezers yet again, bad things happen.

In order to go to work and feel like some sort of human, I allowed my husband to take over a day of sick duty with my son. Though I did not sleep, I got ready at the usual time and decided to do a little eyebrow work with tweezers. Guess what? They were gone again, my daughter must have commandeered them. So I reached for that little battery operated shaver thingy for eyebrows and mustaches. It works in a pinch. (Remember Virginia Drinne?) It has always been a friend to me, until yesterday, when I shaved off half my eyebrow trying to get one lousy hair. Apparently it is a little hair pig, it wants them all. I took off the back half of the eyebrow and now have to draw it in, Mommy dearest style.

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