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Monday, March 16, 2009

High-Quality Teenager for Rent

We were talking about how one of my daughter's former softball teammates has changed since last year. "She was always smiling and friendly, now she is different" my daughter complained.

I asked my daughter if the teammate was becoming moody. After a positive response I said, " I guess she is growing up and becoming a teenager, they all get a little moody."

My daughter looked at me almost like she was a bit hurt that I was making generalizations about teenagers. "We like you," I reassured her, "You are great!"

My son chimed in with, "Yeah, we like you, you are a high-quality teenager."

If the economy gets much worse I may have to rent out my high-quality teen to those parents stuck with the moody adolescents.
How much should I charge per day?

Update ( One month later): Daughter's science teacher informed us our "High Quality Teenager" is a bit moody. Should I try to get my money back?

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