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Friday, March 20, 2009

Signs my dog is going through Adolescence

Non-compliance, she won't get up in the morning, I have to carry her furry butt to the door while the other two dance round the door eagerly, waiting to go out.
When I call her in from the yard she pretends she doesn't know me (As if her friends coud see me and I am embarrassing her).
She gets more mail to the house than me.
She has a crush love/hate relationship with the mailman.
We are always out of panty liners.
She claims whatever spot I want to sit in and will sit there regardless of whether or not I am already sitting there.
I swear she is talking about me behind my back to the other two dogs.
She goes in my purse and steals gum.
She came back from the groomers looking totally different than we discussed.

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  1. Haha, this is too funny! I like that she pretends she doesn't know you. Haha! "Don't YELL my name, mum! Sheesh!"

    I'm glad my dog is way past adolescence. She is practically ancient. I think she is a bit on the senile side...she could walk one direction, stop and looked confused, as if she can't remember whether she was supposed to walk forward or backwards.


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