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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why would you do that?

I do not understand people. They are their own worst enemies sometimes.

Yesterday, my sister came over to visit and I showed her the scarf I had made with her in mind. It was the one made out of Angora bunny wool, the one she informed she would be allergic to, after I was half done. The one that she wouldn't really like in Pink, because she doesn't like Pink clothes. Of course it was Pink, as soon as I saw the wool I thought of her, her name is Pinky- so Pink fit- right?

So she is over and asks to see ti anyway. Pinky grabs the scarf and feels it up, loves the softness and proceeds to wrap herself in it. Her whole face. I was shocked, and she did it before I could stop her.
See, I had had a little problem with the wool, it sheds like crazy due to some possible pre-knitting moth activity in the wool bag.
It took me weeks to make this scarf because it just kept shedding on me and then I would get all sneezy and my eyes would bother me. I may also be allergic to the bunnies, who knows? It's not like I am around them so I wouldn't know. My regular Angora and Alpaca scarves do not bother me at all.

When she wrapped herself in the scarf, my first thought was," Oh no! She is wearing black. Where is the lint roller? That is not coming off anytime soon." Of course she had trouble with it, she is truly allergic to bunnies. I just have nothing left to do but shake my head.

I tried the other angora wool and it didn't shed at all, so I will make a new soft scarf for myself. Guess it was the moths after all. Poor Pinky.

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  1. I had to at least try to see if I could use the scarf you spent the time to make me. The last thing you made me was a tote bag with The kids pics. on both sides I still use it & show it off to everyone! They were so little then. So I Had to try it out as I soooo wanted a hand made gift from you. I popped 2 benadryl as soon as I got in the car. My Eyes are itching just typing this ( my reactive memory @ work)Still got a few days of a rash from it. You should see Bill & I it the food store when I threaten to rub a Kiwi on my skin to see it I'm still allergic, He freaks! he asks " why can't you just not eat them & be ok with that, I explain about how packed with Vitamins they are compared to other fruits & I love the Taste. Some people out grow allergies I am always hoping. As far as Pink, I look like death in it. I was so surprised that I look great in red after avoiding it my whole life, because I was told it didn't look good on me, boy was that person wrong!


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