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Sunday, August 16, 2009

We will get sued...

My dogs went to the groomers this week, but not all of them. One poor mini-schnauzer had to stay behind because she had little schnauzer bump ulcers after being shut up while the carpet men were here. This rash is called comedone syndrome, which is the stupidest name I have ever heard of for a syndrome. It has something to do with the hair follicles erupting into ulcers. In my house if there is a bump/bite or scratch on one of the dogs, the other dogs will lick and chew on it until it is bloody. In the morning she was fine, by afternoon she was covered in bloody bumps. Uuuughh! It took two vets to diagnose, since they didn't look like bug bites and she had a rash on her belly as well. In fact, all her skin was pretty red. We put her on a regimen of steroids and antibiotics and kept her away from the other two dogs. Sadly her red door appointment had to be cancelled. While the other dogs enjoyed their day of beauty, my poor Trixe had to succumb to my own distinctive grooming style. I cut her carefully, avoiding her little bleeds and then used the razor on all the areas she would let me. I gave her a benzoyl peroxide shampoo for her little ulcers and she looked fairly good, until the other dogs came home. My schnauzer looks like a cat. My son was complaining about her look this morning and my daughter said,
" Never become a hairdresser mom, we will get sued."
I truly did my best, but she does squirm an awful lot.

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