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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Golden Gate Managers Vote to Build Suicide Net

So, I am reading this article in the NYT about the 50 million dollar plan to put a net under the Golden Gate Bridge to discourage jumpers. Considering the economy, that may seem like a great idea, but honestly, is this really viable? I can just see friends daring each other to jump into the net, costing rescue teams and the city untold amounts of dollars. Plus, we really are messing with someone's last wish. If they want to jump, who are we to stop them? I am not a strong advocate for the live and let die mentality, I would do anything I could to prevent someone from taking their life, but 50 million dollars? Lets get real. People put their pets to sleep when necessary operations don't fit their budgets. I just thought it was ridiculous. Put a bunch of people to work, like social workers, let them patrol the bridge looking for jumpers. It will cost less, and the jumpers will have someone to talk to who may help them out of their personal predicaments.

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