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Friday, October 24, 2008

I am not going to get excited...

I am not going to get excited, I am not going to get excited..Oh, h...e...double hockey sticks, I am a little bit excited. It is a smoke day. There is simply too much smoke from the forest fire to open the schools. I have all these wonderful plans for my day with my kids and nephew now, we can do ANYTHING! I am thinking I can get so much done. BUT you know that I will probably be sitting on my duff reading everyone's posts from twittermoms or somewhere. I always do this, If there is an extra day of life, i think I am going to get so much accomplished and I get all excited. I should just amend my expectations and KNOW that I will not get a thing done, the house will actually get messier as all the kid's friends come over to "visit." "Visit" is code word for, " I know teachers don't have to go to work today, could my kids hang out with your kids?" It is always fun, so I am not complaining, but my husband does wonder why our house looks like tornado alley when we have been home all day. Ok, I am at least calling my sister for a good talk, baking something good, and I am throwing another layer of paper mache on the character heads, I will post about that experience later. I am also going to get the fabric and make Lucy's dress today. OK, there are my plans, Everyone of you crazy moms better not post today or you will throw me off my game.

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