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Friday, October 17, 2008

Not a Five-Star Restaurant...

Today my ten-year old son told me a little story. He said they had chicken patties for lunch in school yesterday, but it was only half a patty and half of a hotdog roll. Apparently, his class had gotten to lunch too late to get the whole sandwich, there wasn’t enough left of the regular rolls or patties, so each kid received half a chicken patty on top of half of a hotdog roll. The funniest bit was the part that happened before they even got to the cafeteria. Their teacher was perturbed about the way they were pushing and shoving to line up for lunch. She said, “Calm down, it is not a five-star restaurant.”
According to my son, she was right, “It was more like a negative 5,” he told me while giggling at the same time. My poor son, spoiled by home-cooked meals, complained that he didn’t have enough time to eat the ½ patty on ½ bun because, “ I wasted all my time trying to figure out how to eat it and laughing about it with my friends.” We put ketchup on it and tried to eat it, but it was hard. The lunch ladies are never going to live this down. I wish I could have been there.

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