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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halo and Geography Lessons?

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I have been living with Halo in my house this summer. My son and my husband play it all the time.  They can't wait for Halo Reach to come out.  Today my son got a geography lesson. The kid he was playing online with at 6:00 at night, our time, told him he had to go to school.  My son argued with him," It is six at night, you are going to school now?"
They had a whole discussion of timelines and datelines, "What day and date is it in Australia anyway?"  So now my son is busy looking up timelines on the computer to track when this player will be home from school.  It will be 2 am and my son better NOT be online then. I may have to set my alarm clock to check to see if he sneaked out of bed. This gives me a tool I can use when teaching geography now.  For extra credit  homework: Get the time and date from three online players and try to figure out where they live using the international datelines. You may NOT ask them where they live (Poor playing behavior anyway).
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  1. Michelle:
    I am a 7th grade geography teacher, your post on Halo and Geography was a great idea. I know I will definitely use that with my students. I don't know if they all play online, but it will absolutely connect Geography to their everyday life!



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