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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Watch it, you made the plist

Ok,  after three hours with  Apple Support, it turns out that one of my Macbooks has more issues than the other.  The new one started working right after two hours of TLC by Titianna and Matthew. The older one, the one you all chipped in to buy me, needed another hour. Apparently, it wasn't just the  DNS server connection, but the library had plist issues and doc issues and more.  We were all over the preference files and in places on my Macbook that I should never need to go.   I hope it doesn't feel violated. Happily enough, now I can post from my favorite computer, in Safari instead of (insert cough here) Firefox(Apple needs to purchase Firefox BTW, that is my solemn recommendation).
I know that my PC, which is a very nice four-year old Dell, was getting excited thinking I was actually going to use it  more frequently, but I had to break the news to it gently.  It needs an update, a bigger hard drive and a makeover that does not involve dust as its main outfit.  My graduate class is saved and as an extra bonus the Fantasy Football site my husband was having trouble with is now fixed as well.  If you ever have trouble with your Macbook loading Safari pages on Blogger, do  all this first.

  1. Empty the cache. Check it.
  2. Reset Safari. Check it.
  3. Unblock Pop-ups. Check it.
  4. Plug in the ethernet and see if it is a wireless problem. Check it.
  5. Install all updates. Check it.
  6. First verify and fix disk permissions. Check it.
  7. Reset the PRAM. Check it.
  8. Make a new administrative account and see if the page loads that way. Check it.
  9. Check DNS servers in Network.Check it.
  10. Check for Safari plist  stuff in home library preferences. Check it.



  1. I haven't had any issues posting to blogger from my MacBook, but I did just load development software for an IDE for the first time. I honestly never intended for it to be a productivity or development laptop, but SURPRISE now it is.

    When I went to load the Java IDE I was surprised to find out that the MacBook itself had always intended to be a development computer - all Macs have the most up to date JDK ( Java Development Kit) loaded onto them, so I didn't have to do that step. I'm sure your MacBook doesn't feel violated - it was just being more modest to make you more comfortable since you normally are interested in seeing that sort of thing . . . . : )

    Glad you are blogging regularly again. I missed you.

  2. That should be "aren't" interested . . . not "are" - I wish you could go back to edit typo's in comments. . . .


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