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Sunday, September 12, 2010

I've got trouble, trouble, trouble...

What are the odds that when I HAVE to blog, that I cannot get on my posting area without dusting off the old PC.  Both macbooks refuse to load the page. I can view the blog, can't do a thing to it.  It is funny that now I have to blog for my graduate class and I can't just relax and  blather on the way I usually do.  One of my favorite, successful bloggers  just dumped all her ads so she could say what she wanted without some advertiser telling her she curses too much. Now, I would never curse on my blog, because I am a teacher, but that does not mean that I never read blogs that involve a curse word here or there; in her case it would be at least once a sentence. It took a lot of thought for me to decide which blog to use for the class, I have several, based on my different interest and some that I use just for serious work. but I didn't want to choose one of the work ones, because that is like, you know, work.  I enjoy blogging for myself usually and don't enjoy the work blogs as  much.
First Majors Class,  They had blogs donated by  Stockton's Literature
Department.  They posted their assignments, pictures and videos of the
projects they completed in our class to share with their familes.  
Their blogs became mini- digital portfolios of their writing process.
Since I now have to blog I am wondering if this is how my students feel. It is an eye-opener, because I normally just talk about whatever I am interested in at the moment and now I feel like I may actually have to talk about my intro class a little bit. I will also have to care a bit more about spelling and grammar. Most of the time I just fix mistakes when I happen to catch them; which in the case of this particular blog of mine, can take months, or even years.
Now I know that people will actually READ it, specific people, and not just my beloved random readers, do I have to be interesting?   NOPE! It is my blog. As a teacher having my students blog, I may have to ease up on the restrictions just a tiny smidgen.  A few years ago I tried an editing day once a month with my seventh-graders, where we went back over our blogs and one other blog  and made corrections or suggestions for corrections. This was a great idea that I had forgotten about. I will suggest this to the teachers I will be training this year.
UPDATE:  If I had actually read the assignment, I would have known that I was supposed to  post a relevant link and picture per post.  I apologize if I forgot to put the appropriate caption under to picture to bring attention to the relevance. I am actually excited that we get to blog for this class inspite of my earlier questions. It may the one area in which I get a decent grade if i read the instructions carefully. The link I will share today will be to an article I wrote about blogging in the middle school classroom. Since I saw so many new blogs this week, I just thought I would share my experiences.  I would also like to share an amazing blog by Ben, a student.  He has  links to other amazing blogs, also by students. You can see the types of projects that are post-able to blogs.

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  1. I think student blogging is a great idea! Over the summer I had my summer class (1st - 2nd graders) creat glogs on glogster. ( They loved it!


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