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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yet another day at apple (Guest Blogger Titianna)

Today was a great day here @ apple support. Michelle is a sweet wonderful person that called in to us because she was having issues with Blogger and blogging on here.
Well, we did some troubleshooting (the basics, check the internet connection, run software updates etc.)
Michelle was probably one of the funniest and nicest people I've gotten today. She's really made my day.
She actually knows most of what you're supposed to do anyway for Safari. She emptied the cache, and cookies and reset safari and everything. Which is a lot more than most people can do on their own. We're not quite done yet. But by the end we will have this fixed! :-3
Until then. Enjoy Kirby-robics
To the right! (>^_^)>
To the left! <(^_^<)
Touch the sky! ^(^_^)^
Touch your toes! v(^_^)v
HUZZAH! Get a kiss! <(^3^)>
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  1. Titianna is right! Apple did fix my problem! They were tenacious, took almost three hours. I am so glad to be an APPLE owner. MACBOOKS RULE!


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