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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The back of an envelope

What is wrong with ideas hatched on the back of an envelope? I have written my best songs on the backs of envelopes, while driving (You know how I love to multitask). who among us hasn't reached for any scrap of paper when brillant ideas are hatched?

I was reading an article this morning about global warming and how Energy Secretary, Steven Chu,had an idea to combat this problem. He suggested painting the roofs of the building in our cities white so they would be more reflective and not the heat sinks they currently are. The article is entitled," Energy Secretary's White-Paint Proposal Puzzles Climate-Change Experts."

Another gentleman likened Chu's idea to an uneducated, random proposal, "Milloy was most critical: "It sounds like some dubious global-warming calculation that someone made on the back of an envelope." I do not know what Milloy has against envelopes, but there are millions of businesses and ideas that have been founded on scraps of lessor papers than envelopes. Milloy, just because the idea did not come from a scheduled think-tank of scientists in a formal setting, it does not mean it cannot succeed. I challenge you to always carry around a team of scientists and legal pads in case you are inspired.


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