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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Van Zyverden Inc.-Shame on You!

Review of strawberry plants-Three years in a row I have bought strawberry plants from this company, Van Zyverden Inc. Do I have strawberries? No. Do I even have a plant? No. failure to bloom. Failure to do anything. I planted everything according to directions, not even a leaf comes up. THREE YEARs IN A ROW.
After a few more days of despairing that I would never find strawberries in my yard, I went to the garden center. I was choosing some nice BIG strawberry plants with berries on them already. My husband tried to stop me by saying, Must we? Is it the yearly killing of the strawberries time already? I pressed ahead and bought the plants. Of course some animal in my yard has attacked them and eaten the berries, so still no strawberries for me. I can see myself failing at this quest well into my nineties. In any case, back to the bad company that sells the little plants that refuse to grow each year. They have no working website, no customer service number on the packaging, though they prominently display the Guaranteed to Grow at the bottom. This might be their number I will try it on Monday.


  1. I purchased 2 packages and also planted according to the directions; Nothing has grown so I am off to the nursery to buy starter plants.

  2. Same here bought 3 packs and nothing after 2 weeks and I have a green thumb sent email to them


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