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Friday, May 29, 2009

Jodi Kreider, Keep Your Beak Clean

None of us can afford to throw stones, I wonder what Jodi's real beef is? Is she a publicity hound? Is she truly looking out for the children of Jon and Kate? Is she jealous of the what the Gosselins are earning? Tough to tell. Would she be able to withstand the same scrutiny she and her husband are focusing on their own family? I hope their beaks are clean. The media has a way of finding out everything there is to know about people. EVERYONE has an axe to grind when they go public about a sensitive issue. Wonder what it is. It does make me think less of the Kreiders that they would put the family business out there in such an unflattering manner. No one expects anyone to talk badly about one's own family, that would be cruel. It is not necessary and I wonder why they are doing it. I myself have an axe to grind while writing this. I don't like when families sabotage each other. I wish people would just stop.

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