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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dogs Don't Celebrate Mother's Day

The first hint that mother's day is not going so well would be to look at the time stamp. I have been up for over an hour already. Guess What?
Dogs don't celebrate this day. They were bouncing on my head for an hour before I gave up and took them out. Then they ran into the neighbor's yard and played with all the birds, I had to chase them down to get them back into our yard. Then, the wind was blowing at like 60 miles and hour and I had to chase the trash can around the yard as well. My adrenaline is jumping.

Where was hubby? He was sleeping, on the couch, because he was out playing pool and drinking with his buddies last night and I told him not to come to bed until the alcohol fumes subsided. So now he is the one snoring happily and I am thinking I should have had a few more hits off his beer bottle last night, maybe I would be sleeping too?

This was the first year that I didn't have to drag my sorry butt out of bed to go to church to hear my daughter sing at 9am
because she stuck up for all the moms when the choirmaster asked who was singing this week. She said "My mom wants to sleep in just once." I couldn't believe it.
I felt a little embarrassed that she put that right out there, but then I thought,
"So what, God knows it is true and frankly, if he had a mom, he would be changing the mass times himself."
Jesus would if he was in charge. The first year, when she was seven years old and singing, it was cute, I thought it was so precious to see her singing. But they DO sing every month, and to make a special early morning Mother's Day Service is not really thinking of moms at all. We are the one's who have to get them up and dressed and off to the church an hour BEFORE the service so they can practice. Do I sound selfish, maybe, but isn't this the one day I am supposed to be a bit selfish? YES!

Well, I am going to attempt to go back to sleep, but somehow, I don't think it is going to work... Maybe a nap later?

Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful women. I hope you get some sleep.

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