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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

blogging time

I was having a conversation last night with my friend about blogging. Obviously I haven't been writing much, I have been too busy to deconstruct things that are going on in my life in written form. She says I am busy living life instead of writing about it and she is right. I am lucky if I get to talk to my friends on the phone. Twitter is not as fun as it used to be, I have to drop a lot of people I am following because they are not talking about anything that interests me, but I don't have the time to go through and see who is saying what all the time. I have to be honest, I met a lot of great people through twitter, and now I read their blogs, but I do not have time to always check their tweets. Seems like writing for me is best done in the winter, it kept me from going into my yearly blahs. All spring, summer and fall, I am usually running my tuccous off. Did I spell that right? I don't know. So if I seem sporadic, I am. Sorry, there are a lot of drafts waiting to be finished, and I will get to them in time.


  1. I'm pretty sure it's "tuckus".

  2. It's a transliteration from Yiddish - it's spelled in hebrew with a different alphabet so any variant that gets the phonectics across is fine. I think my grandmother used toukas. Mark's is one I've never seen since it would read to Americans as "Tuck us" instead of "took Ass" which is how it's pronounced. In the New York press I think I've seen tuccas and tuchas.

    Urban Dictionary uses tuccas. The ck consonant combination isn't usually used in formal transliterations of Hebrew or Yiddish when I worked on those with Rabbi Merrow.


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