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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I was speaking with a friend about her being death-friendly, she doesn't have a death wish, is not suicidal, but feels that she has never found the reason for her life. She wonders why she was ever born, since she is usually unhappy. After years of listening to her moan about the state of her life, or un-life, I diagnosed her problem. She has no fear of death and she needs to take a year-long nap. The moments she remembers as being her happiest are hazy and seem untouchable. Do you have any death-friendly people in your life? Obviously depression is at the heart of her situation, but I am not skilled in dealing with depressed people. I can deal with difficult people, and not lose my temper, but gloomy people depress me. They bring me way down and I hate that feeling, so I tend to gravitate to high-energy people.

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