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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bakugan Tournament

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Yesterday, I took my son to his first Bakugan Tournament at Toys R Us. It was crazy fun for the kids and a lot of his friends showed up. I told him about it only 2 days before, because I had gotten an email from the store (I never usually open the mercenary emails, good thing I did). He told some of his friends and I managed to get a bunch of pictures of them battling each other. His friend Nick even made him a shirt to wear! My daughter, husband, and I cheered on all the kids from our town and it was so serious, they were talking trash to each other and everything. At one point, my son had to face off against a 5 year old, it was the most precious moment, I was so proud of how patient he was with the younger one, he taught him what to do and proclaimed a tie when the went up to register the score. He even battled him an extra time. The Toys R Us employee was so good at keeping a straight face and recorded the “Tie” win so the little boy walked away happy. There were sad moments as well, my son faced off with a lot of friends, so when he had a victory; we were both happy and sad. I think it should have been a double elimination tournament, so that everyone had a real chance to advance. We are going to do this again, only we have decided to have a play date tournament at our local library. They have a room we can use and the boys will have something to do during the yucky weather. At the toy store there was a lot of standing on line, so we will have multiple face off’s and double winners will advance. There are so many kids that love to battle, and I can’t fit them in my house, so the library will work out fine. Now I have to figure out how to pay for the prizes. Plus, I have to actually learn the rules. By the way, my son won the tournament and is looking forward to their next one. Good job Toys R Us! Now if you had actually had the Bakugan Brawlers to sell yesterday, you would have made scads of money!
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