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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Driving Under the Influence

You know you are old when you go to get into your sister’s truck and a vitamin bottle rolls out instead of an empty beer bottle. She is getting healthy while driving, and it should be against the law. I should have turned her in to someone. We had a lovely time at the designer handbag auction. We didn’t win, but that bottle rolling out of her truck made it all worthwhile. Now I do not mean to say that she used to have beer bottles in her car, for a bartender she drinks surprisingly little. Bt when I heard the glass bottle hit the road I was expecting Corona, not Nature’s Way. I too am guilty of driving with open containers in my van. I did drive around for a time with oil and vinegar in case I met a salad I had to dress. Ask Jenn, she KNOWS it came in handy the day I “just happened” to have it. It is funny what we have in our cars; I have a lot of friends who cannot find the floor of their vehicles and some that vacuum it out after each use. My sister probably has a coffin in hers, "just in case, you know."

Anyway, the Soroptimist handbag auction took place at another wonderful restaurant that recently opened in our town, Annata Wine Bar. Here is their link.
They have a beautiful dining room with huge chairs to sink into while you drink wine and eat scrumptious food and cheese. Tonight we had tart baked apples covered with nuts and chocolate and some other gooey stuff as hors d'oeuvres. I have been dying to get my sister there; we have to go back to the big chairs because tonight we were in the back banquet room. It is still very comfortable and they even have little mouthwash cups in the bathrooms with a beautiful decanter of scope. I am sure that my sister Pinky took advantage of this nicety, after all, she should not drive and smell like Omega 3 Fish Oil, she might get pulled over.

The handbags were all very expensive and some were so beautiful, such as the Michael Kors and the Coach bags, but some were so ugly I cannot believe people waste a paycheck on them. No matter what label you throw on something, it should not look like a ball of yarn the cat threw up. It should not look like your grandma lost her sewing glasses when she made you a bag out of old leather scraps and your grandfather’s hunting trophies. It should not look like someone doodled his or her initials over and over again on fabric. Aren’t we past all those “initial” bags yet? They are so tired and I just can’t stand them. Lets move on, next fad please. I did not put my tickets in any of the bags that had the crown jewels on them, except one, I thought my teenaged daughter would get a kick out of it. When I was in my twenties, I may have gone for it, but now I am looking for maximum matching capability, not “this goes with only one outfit in my closet.”

Hey Pinky, Thanks for the Aquarius Bag, and the laughs! We’ll win at the Basket Bingo.


  1. Hi Micki!

    I kind of like the ball of yarn bag, I would use it.

    Ironically I used to work for Soroptomist as an assistant editor. It was the first time I had my own office.

    Great organization to work with! Nightmares about laying out their annual report for the rest of my life . . . .

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