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Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight Night

What a cool thing to experience. I felt like I was sucked back in time to my own mooning over Kevin Bacon in Footloose. Two weeks ago, my daughter decided she was going to read Twilight before she saw the movie. The first book got her so excited, she HAD to get the rest of the series, and I was pulling my hair out trying to borrow them from the library and from friends.

She stayed up late very night reading them all, It took her a week to get through the series, me too. Then as soon as she was done reading them all, she decided she had to own them all. So I had to buy them off amazon, and she wouldn't let me order them used, at a discount, she wanted them new. She was going to spend her own money and besides I owed her $30 anyway. Unbelievable. I never buy books used, I had to just suck it up and do her bidding, after all, she has to make her own financial decisions and learn naturally, the way we all did.

Saturday Night I took a group of her friends to the movies to see the object of her affection, Rob Pattinson, in action. We met at our favorite coffee shop, Casciano, and took off for the Turnersville Movieplex where more of her friends were waiting.

As I took the teens in all I could think was, "This squealing group of kids is going to get me kicked out of the theatre." They were acting like Sydney and I did when we used to get asked to leave movie houses for dancing in the isles during Footloose. The sighing during the movie was another reminder of how much we could fall in love with movie stars when we are young. I used to FREAK, and now my daughter is doing the same thing.
They made so much noise squealing during the movie that I was shrinking down deeper and deeper in my seat. They were comparing all the boys in the movie to each other and debating how beautiful they all were. Her new love is Taylor Lautner instead of Rob Pattinson. Whatever happened to Toy Story and Spy Kids? I miss the good old days of Monsters Inc. though I should have been prepared for this three years ago when she went ape over Zac Ephron in High School Musical. I was a good mom though, I chaperoned all of them and took so many pictures that I tripped up the stairs and fell on my knee to get good shots. How embarrassing, what a mom won't do...
My nachos fell victim to Daniel, one of the girls, Sarah, was SUPPOSED to be guarding them for me. He stepped in them, right as I fell up the stairs.

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  1. Don't forget about teaching Syd how to dance to "Footloose" in the Blimpees behind Cedar Lane so that she would dance at the prom.

    Also I seem to remember you singing "Bright Eyes" alot in the apartment. I really am clueless though - I didn't realize that was all based on love of Kevin Bacon since I was going to the 37 different showings with you because of the delicious subversion of hypocritical religious authority figures by rebellious physical artistic expression.

    Which of course we then reinforced by refusing to sit passively, thus disrupting social order ourselves by dancing in front of the screen during the credits. ::Sigh:: I almost never do anything like that anymore.

    You mean that was all because Kevin Bacon looked good in blue jeans? I SOOOOO missed the point . . . . .

    You know, it's amazing that you ever let me in the same car as you and Syd . . .I don't recall us squealing though - we laughed at lot.

  2. I remember singing " I need a Hero" a lot, Kevin Bacon was my reason for going, hate to disappoint you. If it helps, I was religious about him at the time. I was into his face, not his jeans, his eyes were amazing, and I did dig the whole generation gap angle. After all, who doesn't like to rail against authority, even Adam and Eve did it. As for the car, and your take on our rites of passage, we each were so different, we got to see things through so many lenses. We were lucky to have each other.


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