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Monday, November 24, 2008

Stone Soup

Today one of the classrooms made stone soup in school. We could smell the aroma wafting down the hallways and everybody in the building wanted some. On the way home from school, my fifth-grade son was talking about the smell and asking what stone soup was. I told him the story and he wanted to run right home and make some. He thought it was funny about the stone and wanted to know if they actually had to eat the stone. I patiently explained that it is a group effort, which everyone has to contribute to for it to be stone soup. He came back with, “ Well, can we make it anyway, without the stone and the meaning?” It was too cute. Of course we went home and made UN-Stone Soup, as it will be known forevermore in my house.

Here is my son tasting the UN-Stone Soup.

Here he is after tasting the UN-Stone Soup. What a happy dinner. I actually got a hug and a kiss and breathless thank you.

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