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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Revisionists Strike Again! Holocaust Survivors to Mormons: Stop Baptisms of Dead Jews

The revisionists are always hard at work. the practice of post-humorously baptizing people of other faith by proxy in the Mormon faith is atrocious. I want to be reunited with my loved ones after I die, but I am not going to lie about who they are or what they believed. I cannot believe that anyone strong in their faith would condone this practice. Clearly if someone is a Catholic, Methodist, Jew, or Moslem and lived and died in their faith, to be re-baptized years after they died to beef up the rolls of the Mormon Faithful is a insult.

This twisted practice, by the group of people most respected for their genealogy records, shakes my confidence in their information to the core. I strongly support the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors who are denouncing the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I do believe the Mormons are responding to the outcry, I give them credit for that, but the practice of re-baptism by proxy is what I protest. I do not care what faith people are, they should be allowed to hold onto it as it is a PERSONAL belief. The Mormons clearly believe that this is the only way to be reunited after death, but to change genealogy records is wrong. That goes beyond faith to revisionist history. Honestly, there are parts of every faith that are hard to swallow, and this is their embarrassing problem that they are forcing onto others who don't deserve it. If I died and some relative of mine became Mormon and tried to re-baptize us all by proxy, I would haunt them for eternity.

By what right do they do this? How is this different than trying to erase whole races or groups of religion? Clearly there is no associated violence, but it is a death of a religion all the same. I live my life simply, I do not believe we can be responsible for anyone else's soul but our own. I cannot vouch for what anyone will do or not do, because honestly, I only know my own mind. I hope that someday, someone in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gets a clue.
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