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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Convention 2010

Another year passes and we crashed as many hospitality events as we could.  In an effort to not lose my mind over being charged twenty bucks a day for valet parking at the Sheraton at the Convention Center, I made sure they could not charge me for anything else if I could help it.  I will not reveal my secrets, because I plan on using them in the coming years.  I love getting together with my friends once a year and staying over, even though we all live close enough to drive home each night.  The chance to catch up and share our lives is worth the few hundred bucks we spend for our outing. Shopping was out this year as I did not feel like braving the rain to get to the outlets. Consequently, my son STILL does not have his new winter coat.  I will have to go out this week and get one. I also have to return a sweater. I was busy in class HOTEL WIMBA and ordered in some delicious room service from the Tun Tavern on my first night in AC.  Never did get around to returning that sweater but I was relieved that my class went well.  I was worried that my connection wouldn't be good enough to participate in the online session. As soon as I was done, I met my friends for the dirtiest martini ever and we spent the rest of the night laughing our butts off and sharing our latest news. My friends may live far away, but it only took a hug to get back into the swing of things and it was like we never parted.

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