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Sunday, November 7, 2010

This Weekend's Work

I am very tired. The toughest part was letting the kids take total charge of their project.  I just manned the cameras and assisted with editing for like 15 hours.
Problems we encountered:

  1. Objects in park that did hindered our commitment to historical accuracy (such as cars, trash cans, and someone blasting "Eye of the Tiger").
  2. Wardrobe malfunctions and misinformation.
  3. The noise of the fire station horns every half hour, along with the church bells.
  4. One weird looking duck that kept distracting the actors.
  5. A table of donuts and coffee that distracted the crew AND actors.
  6. Not enough baby wipes to get off all that face paint.
  7. Taping over the opening sequence- having to copy another scene and reversing it in imovie.
  8. Not being able to match the sepia tone in the movie clips to the picture clips and having to use all black/white instead.
  9. Not being able to edit out the rope tied to the canoe, the canoe club, the outbuildings, the trash cans, the cars, or the barbeque pits in video clips. (We could only do this in still shots).
  10. Not having a super drive on my macbook to burn the DVD movie for best resolution.
  11. Not being able to get George's Mom's superdrive to work and having to upload all our beautiful work to the internet instead, at only 12 frames per second on youtube and 30 frames a second on iweb. ( I could just cry).
  12. Just found this tidbit in the forums and it is too late! "If you'd like to transfer a file to burn on another mac, go back to the project on your mac and use the Save As Disc Image command. This creates a virtual DVD that you can move to another computer and Copy to an actual DVD."

 I got to work with my son and his friends for this 7th grade project, they were extremely prepared with a script, a storyboard in mind, costumes and a boat.  They were creative, flexible and funny as all get out. While I am extremely tired, I am so glad I had the opportunity to assist them.

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