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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekly Floride Treatments-Weird to me

The school nurse came by the classroom this morning  and left these little cups filled with green liquid.  "Are they mouthwash," I asked the other teacher?
Chuckling, she replied, "No honey, they are fluoride treatments."
I had heard of these mythical treatments but have never seen them before, outside of that stuff the dentist puts on our teeth twice a year. That is what living in the country is all about, well water you can't drink because of high sodium content and Fluoride treatments.
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  1. Yeah, my daughter gets floride treatments twice a year at the dentist. She also just got sealer for her molars- it's supposed to keep her from getting cavities on her adult teeth. Where's the justice in that? My mouth has more silver in it that white, and now they have white fillings, floride treatments, and sealer. They're taking all the risk out of being a kid!

  2. haha..Brian's comment was great! I have heard about schools giving fluoride treatments, but like you, never experienced it. Is this new in your district or is it a recent change? I wonder how much it costs the district for fluoride every week...seems pretty ridiculous, but I guess after the water scare in Winslow recently, anything is possible.

  3. I know they can't drink the actual water in the school, it has too much sodium. There are water coolers placed around the school. I think they get the treatments weekly, they have been doing them forever there. Everyone has well water.


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