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Friday, January 16, 2009

Asking a lot from pudding

My daughter asked if she could have a pudding, I reassured her, "Of course, you can have a pudding, I bought you butterscotch at the can-can sale."
She replied, "I know, but I had tapioca last time, maybe I will have the butterscotch...which flavor has the least fat?"
I answered, "Maybe the Chocolate, but I think all three are non-fat puddings."
"Which one is better for me?" She persisted.
"They are pudding, none of them are better than the others," I explained carefully.
She sighed and inquired, "Well, which is better for my skin?"
"I think you are asking a lot of the pudding, " I sputtered. She laughed and went to get us both one.
Wow, my skin feels better already, I should stop buying that expensive moisturizer.


  1. That`s just too funny! Kids pick up on everything, don`t they?

    BTW, there`s a "questionable" video snippet appearing at the bottom of your blog on some page loads . . . not sure if you know that. ;)


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