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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thrifty Tips #3

Checking those greys? Don't need a full dye, just need a touch up? Do not spend money on ONE touch up kit, it doesn't make any sense to spend almost as much as you would use on a full head of hair. I buy one full dye kit and use the ratio on the box to make little batches for touchups. whatever the weight or volume is, I just halve or thirds it. If you have a kitchen scale you can squeeze the amount of color right onto a bit of wax paper to weigh it, or you can eyeball and just squeeze out one third of the tube and mix it in with a third of the developer. I use a separate, reusable squeeze bottle to mix this in. I just save it from the last dye kit. No need to buy anything special. I also reuse the gloves after dying.

There is enough dye to make three full touch-up applications in one dye kit, and the color will be true-er because it came from the same dye lot. There is always plenty of conditioner left over, just don't use it all. If you have a lot of hair that needs touching up, use 1/2 the solution. NO ONE CAN TELL YOU DYED YOUR HAIR FROM A BOTTLE INSTEAD OF A SALON, unless of course, you really mess up and choose a shade that will not integrate well. I always reserve a bit from the touch-up solution to pull through to the ends, just in case the touch up is way darker or lighter than the original shade. You would not have enough to do this from a regular touch-up kit, they really barely give you enough to cover the roots. It does take longer to process than a quick touch-up kit but it is worth saving $15, doncha think?

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