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Friday, January 23, 2009

Thrifty Tips #7- Pull-ups and Panty Liners

My dogs wear pull-ups with panty liners in them when they are in heat. I use one pull-up per dog with a liner inside, change the liner 1-2 times a day based on usage and they are still allowed to roam throughout the house and interact with us and each other. We had tried all the expensive items Petsmart had for dogs, and none of them fit to our satisfaction. One pull-up makes it through the entire heat period if non of the other dogs get ahold of it. After all, dogs will be dogs. If there is a problem with fit, we just use clips to tighten them, or we have stapled them shut with the staples facing up. They slip on and off dogs for outside walks, and they look really cute. My husband prefers the pull-ups with the velcro sides, I prefer the pull ons if we can find just te right size. we use 2-3T on our raging schnauzers.

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