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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Camera Sweater- Vat a day!

Today was very busy, we made curtains for my daughter's room out of other curtains and scarves and then my daughter asked me to make her a camera case. I didn't get too nervous, after all there are patterns on the internet for just about anything. Here's the rub, she wanted it made out of recycled sweater material to match the leg warmers I made her last week. CandyPunk strikes again!

Taking a deep breath, and silently cursing myself for saying yes in the first place, I got out the trusty old laptop and found a pattern from the Crafters Community. Back to that later. I found said sweater material and a suitable interior fabric that would be sturdy enough to protect the camera. After all, we are not trying to keep it warm, cozy, and fashionable, we are trying to protect it, right? I dug around in the button tin full of vintage glass buttons from the 50's-70's, yes, back in the 1900's, remember them? I managed to find a cute button to dress up the Camera Sweater.
Only thing that could have made this cuter would be if I made the whole thing look like a little sweater, with arms and everything. Didn't think of it in time though. Anyway, I was following the pattern, everything was going well, until I hit a SNAG; I just couldn't understand the directions anymore. So, I improvised and it turned out well, I will use a different pattern next time. I will also use anything but sweater material, to hard to work with and the top stitching barely shows at all. So if you have a good pattern, send it to me. Why would there be a next time? Because now my son wants one and he already has a camera case. Oh vell. Here are pics!

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