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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The times, they-are-a-changing...

Last night when the local transformer blew leaving us without electricity, my husband ran around with the flashlight while I ran around with my ipod Touch. It has a flashlight app that is really bright. I was able to find a few candles and blind myself when I unwittingly turned it towards my eyes. My daughter was using the glow of her Nextel to get up and downstairs and of course we used our cell phones to call the electric company. After all my complaining that candles are the worst Christmas present ever, and after throwing away all the ones whose smells I just couldn't take anymore, I discovered that I had complained away and discarded all my emergency candles except a few tea lights. I need to restock the emergency kit, seriously! Should I put candles and matches in it or prepaid cell phones that double as light sources?
Thank god for technology, or we would have been in the dark. Oh, the open netgear signal we sometimes use when our internet goes down is now encrypted. BUMMER! I guess they are changing with the times too.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, when I called the electric company the lady asked if anything unusual was going on. I told her that my husband was doing unusually well on his wiiplay video game when the power went out. He had 10 tanks and probably fried the transformer. It was all I could think of when she asked me. Then I remembered it WAS raining and very windy outdoors, so I added that information.


  1. If you go the kosher section of your grocery store you can buy a large box of Shabbat Candles, they are small, unscented and never go bad. They burn for about three hours and they are cheap ( because observant Jews always need them, they are in effect a staple).

    That's what we keep in our emergency kit and they fit into the fancy candlestick so you don't have to burn your "romantic" candle in a power outage. - YOu need electricity to recharge all those appliances you mentioned : )

  2. I understand the candle thing, however I LOVE candles but When I get a candle for a gift I usually call up a friend to swap for a scent I like. Personel scent preference is Very important ! I don't like food scents they make me hungry DUH ! Why would anyone who loves cake want a cake smelling candle? If you just stick to a simple flower most people can deal with it ,even if it is not their fav. flower. By the way I think those shower soap sets are the worst gift ever, UNLESS U know Y"R person loves it. They just confirm that , Hey I don't know a damn thing about you what you are really into so here is some shampoo run along now & soap up !

  3. OH ! Did I say that outloud ?! Watch out people! 2009 will show what's really on my mind! Now go swap all of those gifts that don't fit( Your taste) or donate them .I'm sure the Women in Ladies shelters would love the shower gels kit.Swap your stinky candle with someome who thinks you have stinky taste ! Like is your shoes ! ( Sorry "Chelle ha ha ) I found out years ago the person who has you opposite taste is the person who you will get the best swap with!


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