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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Knitting & Crocheting Club - Beginnings

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These photos are from our first meeting, our meet and greet night at Casciano Coffee Bar and Sweetery. We had 18-20 people show up, some brought their sons and daughters, others brought friends and family. It was such a nice evening, and we had a good mix of beginner and master knitters. What a great way to spend a winter evening, we shared our projects, taught each other, and ripped out stitches as necessary. I thought that the awful weather would be a deterrent, but apparently, that IS the best time to get out. We took over the back half of the coffee shop and we might not have been able to do this if it was more crowded. I can count my New Year's Resolution to learn how to knit a success! Well, I will actually count it a success when I have finished the scarf I am knitting for my daughter. It is for Valentine's Day, so I have a definite deadline.
I think the best part of the evening was realizing that sometimes people need a just a little push to do something, or continue with a hobby they enjoy. There were a few women who brought projects that had been languishing away in closets. I learned how to knit a few days before our Meet and Greet and felt like I had to bring in something substantial. I had over a foot of scarf completed, so I felt good about it until I saw the two ten year olds complete that much during our meeting. Others took needles in hand for the very first time and promised to come back at our bi-weekly get-togethers.

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