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Friday, January 2, 2009

Family Dreamcatcher

There are two strong dreamers in my house, my son and I. My son dreams every night, and I dream when I get more than five hours of sleep. In other words, not very often. My son gets up every morning and immediately wants to share his dreams with me before he even brushes his teeth. I am always having to send him away until he is clean and fresh, but he never forgets his dream while he brushes. Mine slip away if I do not write them down right away.

Lately he has been having nightmares, I think it is from too many video games with his dad, he thinks it is because his dreamcatcher in failing. He actually took it out of his room this morning and put it on the table. It has been banished until further notice, probably to live in squalid circumstances in a junk drawer somewhere.
I told him a few weeks ago that HE was the family dreamcatcher. He thought this was funny, but it is true he catches the most dreams out of all of us.


  1. Look, You've posted twice in 24 hours with things I can help with directly!

    Alex and I can both "cleanse" and "reset" dreamcatchers. If Eric's your dreamer I can teach him to clear his own and everyone else's too.

    It was important because Cait and Alex both had Dreamcatchers and Cait was particularly prone to freaking out if she thought they weren't working.

    Alex guards the gate for her. Don't junk drawer it, Save it in a manilla envelope and bring him over for a visit.

  2. OK, I will save it for you. Thanks!


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