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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cheat the Cheat

My son has a diabolical plan the cheat the cheat at Guitar Hero. On performance mode, he plans on playing a song perfectly without the notes, to do this he must first videotape the note on expert level, then play this on a small screen while playing performance mode. What a cheater. I was disappointed, I would feel so much better if he memorized the song and THEN played it perfectly.

I could never understand the cheat books, cheat websites and action replay cheat-code plug ins. Isn't the whole purpose of playing the game to actually beat someone or the levels? I guess it doesn't matter how we do it, as long as it is done. I haven't let him buy the books for the video games until after he beats them since he started reading, so he could go back to do all the things he missed. It did help him to hone his reading skills since he really wasn't into chapter books all that much in the first and second grade. We have to think about the message we are sending. If kids know they can juts go to the internet to get cheat strategies, they will never struggle to figure out the games on their own. I know this has been happening since video games were developed, but it is the dark side of the whole gaming world.

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