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Friday, January 2, 2009

Pandora's Box Opens

Today was a revealing day. I was on the phone with my dad and he had a lot to say. At first it was interesting, I was finding out where my grandparents worked and what they did for a living. Then the conversation shifted to my grandfather in particular and how he was cheating on my grandmother. Apparently, he had the girl he worked with call him at my mom's house. After my grandmother started to get suspicious she asked my parents if they knew anything and they lied to her. What a blow. That's what happened after she had 7 kids and worked a full time job, her kids and husband turn on her. Beautiful. I was better off not knowing. Unfortunately, that was not all that the gods had hidden in the box, I had to listen again to the tale of the divorce my parents went through when I was three. It really didn't sound like either parent wanted my sister and I after they split up. I guess at heart I always knew, but when little details got revealed, the picture became much clearer. So disappointing and so not necessary to know. What a bunch of lying, cheating, self-involved jerks.


  1. I think I would have hung up. That really sucks that your dad would basically tell you that no one wanted you and your sister! Even if it was true, you`re better off suspecting and not being told directly! Hmph, I`m mad for you. :)

  2. He didn't say it directly, or I would have hung up, and I think that about halfway though the telling he realized who he was talking to and started backpedaling, but it was pretty clear that neither of them planned on taking us if they didn't have to. It was truly awful how he tried to justify my screwed-up childhood, saying that I never would have had my husband and kids and happy family now if I didn't go through all that I had, and that everything happens for a reason. If he could have lived one month of my life with my mom and stepfather, he never would have said that to me. Sometimes people just have no clue what they are doing or saying. Thank you for the kind words. I don't normally get so personal in my blog, but I just had to blow off steam.

  3. This Is Pinky, Which Grand father cheated, Our mothers father , Right, If not there is something else for me to learn. Tell me & I'll blow your mind as to why he started cheating & @ what old age, This will be eye opening for anybody.


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