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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year Hopes

2008 was a very reflective year for me, I have regrets and hopes for the future, you have already had the former, now here are my hopes.

I hope my family stays healthy.
I hope people are nicer to each other.
I hope the economy perks back up.
I hope I find a full-time teaching job.
I hope Pinky stays warm during the rest of the winter.
I hope no more soldiers die.
I hope my daughter's back is not going to need a brace.
I hope my husband finds a decent new crew.
I hope my son grows to his satisfaction.
I hope my dogs don't get any tics this year.
I hope no more of my friend's marriages fall apart.
I hope I don't get the flu.
I hope we are able to fix the pre-lit Christmas Tree- or it is going out the door.
I hope I get fit.
I hope the new president doesn't quit, I would.
I hope my friends hopes all come true.
I hope we get Nickleback tickets.

Selfish Hope:
I hope I get a new bathroom, or carpeting, or a Maid. Any of the three will do.

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