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Sunday, December 28, 2008


On December 24, 2008, Nobel Laureate Harold Pinter Dies. What a loss to the writing community. I had seen a few of his screenplay adaptations when I was younger, read him in college, but was a bit unsure of my feelings about his work. He was generally a bit too dark and political for me during my own roaring twenties and he hadn't reached his political maturity then. I recently was able to catch "The Hothouse" by The Lantern Theatre Company in Philadelphia. As his most comic play, it should have been a bit uplifting, but Pinter was never interested in painting a pretty picture. The people in his plays are caricatures, their basest natures uncovered at last. When reading or watching a Pinter play it is hard not to draw correlations with some of the more absurd characters in our own lives. I wish him farewell and will keep an eye out for revivals of his works.


  1. Hi Micki,

    I've had the devil of a time with the link to your blog I'm not sure why. I've moved the link over to my "Cherished Random" link list instead of the Blog update list but it keeps shunting me over to Mickiwendt and "Dee" instead of Pandora's Box. It behaved properly as a link though.

    Thought you should know.


  2. I have a new blog address, that may be why. It is now. make the change in your blog update and it should be fine.

  3. Oh heck, I did that in 15 different ways from Sunday on the first day it changed. Blogspots autofeeds keep shunting me back to the old one. I've tried to go back to the code but they've got it calling out to globals.


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