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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First Blog Giveaway!

Yay! This is my first blog giveaway and have I got an awesome prize up for grabs! The winner of this giveaway will receive a beautiful watercolor print by Marie Natale. She was a featured artist last month at our Hammonton Arts on the Avenue event. Her work was displayed at my favorite Coffee Bar and Sweetery, Casciano. I wanted to take half of her work home with me, it was so beautiful. Since I admire her work, and think she deserves some recognition for beautifying our town and South Jersey area, you can win one of her prints that I picked up last week. Just one, because now I have to go back and get another one. See what happens when you don't buy a frame right away? You give away art...

Anyway, I will select a winner based on the following:

1. Visit Marie's website- pick a favorite painting and post a link back here in your comment. You must comment on this post- you cannot be anonymous. This will give you one entry.*
2. Re-tweet the following message to get 3 entries:*

"MW @meechele7 is giving away a Marie Natale art print on her blog - tweet and comment to enter"
(if you don't twitter, you should try it)

* If you "follow my blog" I will give you 5 entries toward this giveaway.

PLEASE LEAVE A WAY FOR ME TO CONTACT YOU. So many people forget to leave their e-mail! I don't want you to miss out on this awesome prize. I will pick the winner on December 15th and post it here, so check back then to see. Good Luck!


  1. the seashore discovery painting speaks to me. i grew up in sarasota, fl and my lil sis and i LOVE looking for seashells. funny thing is that the girls in this painting look a little like me and my sis. i'm not sure how to "post a link back here in your comment", but i will blog about your contest and include a link to your blog. i can't believe how long you have been blogging and yet you seem to be "undiscovered". i don't have much of a following yet, but will try to get the word out as much as i am able :)

  2. Nonna, you are my Winner! email me your address!


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