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Friday, December 19, 2008

What it is all about...Rats

After careful consideration, and after reading a lot of blogs that I enjoy, I have decided to keep my eclectic format and not go specific. Essentially that means you will get my recipes, theatre reviews, rants and raves, family pics, Raging Schnauzers, shameless plugs, and everything else.
I have to be very structured most of the time, and my blog frees me up from all that. I just get to let it all hang out in no particular fashion. Right now I need my nails trimmed because I keep making mistakes every 20 seconds.

Yesterday, I came in from shopping for stocking stuffers, my daughter was baby-sitting and my son was playing the drums. She was in the bathroom. As I came in, I saw a trail of black feathers all over the dining room floor. I thought, "Uh-oh, the dogs tore apart a stuffed animal again."
I yelled out to my daughter, "The dogs have struck again, they got into something."
She came out of the bathroom and screamed her head off. After my initial panic attack, I thought she discovered that what they had torn apart was something precious. It wasn't, it was the Halloween Rat that I had picked up at a yard sale down the street for fifty cents. This rat is scary and pictures do not do it justice. It is missing one arm, I bought it anyway, and its feather are always flying off. I know, a rat with feathers, what is up with that? Can't tell you, but it is fierce.

My son had snuck upstairs and placed it outside the bathroom door to scare her with when she came out. It worked. Now he is aware that his sister will someday, someway, get back at him. Karma is a boomerang!


  1. Cool rat. I have bever seen such a big rat in my life, that too with feathers... cool!!!

  2. that thing is flat out scary looking! good trick by the boy though :)

  3. Are you sure that`s a rat? Looks like a werewolf to me!!


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