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Monday, December 1, 2008

Thank You for the free chair massage

Thank You Salon Avanti. After years of going to the local haircutting chain store, dealing with overburdened staff and an unclean environment, I switched salons. (Honestly, they never sweep UP the hair; they just push and pile it all over the place at my old salon). Sometimes product has to take precedence over price. When I am trying to be frugal, it doesn’t always work. So now I have a new salon, a great stylist and I am happy. I had a trim appointment this last Saturday and my experiences just keep getting better. I arrived for my scheduled time and was greeted very nicely and offered a beverage. I declined and was then offered a chair massage because my stylist was running behind. Why they don’t do this doctor’s offices, I don’t know, but it would bring down my blood pressure quite a bit. So anyway, I said, “Sure, I would love a chair massage.” I was treated so well and after a 10-minute massage the masseuse answered some of my questions and showed me her beautiful rooms. The exposed brick was lovely. She also explained her packages, and I bought two massages for our Chinese Pollyanna. I was able to relax and shop at the same time! Fabulous! It was later that evening, when I was giving one of these quick “massages” to my daughter that I found out her spine doesn’t feel quite right. Thank God for gratis chair massages, or I would not have known until her yearly check-up. You get a free picture and a plug on my site!

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