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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Money Saving Tip for Frugal Upstate

Ok, My last tip for saving money this holiday season is brought to you by one of my best friends, Doodle. He said, "Don't spend ANYTHING!" Then he recanted with a bunch of suggestions like shop the circulars, utilize layaways and hit the thrift stores. He also said, "You can go into the woods and chop down your own tree but that may be a felony." I agree, You should really be on your own land. People might come out of the darkness with a shotgun to scare you, I'm just saying, it could happen. I am not going to even get into the whole tree incident when we lived in Brigantine during our 20's, we are all grown up now.
Oh! I know, you can make your own window cling ornaments with wax paper and sparkly puff paint. We did this with my girl scouts and it was so much fun, they only last that one year, but they are frugal, unique and as beautiful as your imagination. The best tip I have for you this holiday season to save money is to win one of Frugal Upstate's contests! Or, visit her site to see the many ways to save money all year-long.

Frugal Upstate is having a very cool moneysaving holiday tip giveaway that is sponsored by Nickelodeon and Walmart. I hope you get in on it. you can also enter at any of the elevenmoms sites.

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