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Friday, December 5, 2008

Not a Professional Girl

The other day my son was talking about getting himself a girlfriend. I asked the usual questions any mom would ask of a 10-year old boy, how does he know her, is she cute, what does having a girlfriend mean? He said it meant that they would be in a relationship, but they would only see each other in lunch. He tried calling her but her cell phone was off. So he asked one of his friends to ask her out. Apparently, every time he gets next to her at lunch, there are people around he doesn't like and he didn't want to ask her out in front of "Them." (See, even my 10-year-old gets the whole "Them" thing). So he asked his wing-man to help him out. I warned, "I don't think girls like to be asked out by other people, that is like you don't care enough about her to ask her out yourself."
My son argued, "Mom, she is not a professional girl. She won't even know about any of that."
I almost ran the car off the road. I took a deep breath, trying hard not to burst out laughing, and replied calmly, "You are right, I am just gonna keep my mouth closed."

It was so cute and and the conversation went on from there to one of the best reasons why he likes her. She plays Bakugan and has a very rare Bakugan he covets. He plans on trading her for it and has the transaction all figured out. Sound like a professional boy to me, eh? So last night my sister Pinky is over and we are telling her this story and she inquires, "What is a professional girl?" My son got up and started prancing around the dining room saying that professional girls were snotty and thought they were so pretty and cool. We were laughing so hard as he imitated all the girls he didn't like. As we also joshed him about only liking her for her Bakugan potential, he objected, saying, "No I liked her as soon as my friend started liking her a few months ago." We all laughed at that. It was classic, said my sister, because that is the way boys work or something like that. I am sure she will put what she actually means in the comments.

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