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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top Ten Things I Wish I’d Done in 2008:

Mark Cahill of Dad-o-Matic inspired this post. I hope he is able to realize his dreams.

Upon reflection, It was a good year overall. I no longer work in a crazy environment, though I still sometimes have nightmares, I made some new friends, got involved with town events and spent lots of quality time with my kids, family, sister and brother and dogs. We welcomed three beautiful new babies into our family and another one through our friends. We have a new baby coming through another set of friends next year and that was the best Christmas news ever.

During this year, my kids and I explored our own town and found some wonderful new places to hang out. We cut back on dry cleaning and chemicals. We have all those energy-saving lights in my house, though I hate them. We got the magicjack phone! ( I know, lame but I had to say something) I recycled more and am currently keeping a plant alive INSIDE for longer than a week. I cleaned the basement and shed outdoors, and then cluttered them back up again. I sewed costumes again for the first time in three years, put up some sauce from the garden, put up peaches from someone else's garden, and vowed to do better next year. I kept in touch with some friends better this year and next year it will be everyone else's turn, so get ready! Most of all, I started writing again, and that is good for my soul and pocketbook. Now that I am done patting myself on the back, here is what I missed:

1. I wish I had taken my kids camping. I love to camp, and want to share the experience with them.
2. I wish I had gone to visit my dad in Syracuse, I had a lot of time off and never made it up there.
3. I wish I had gotten the fire pit sooner, it is good times in our own backyard.
4. I wish I had mastered the art of grooming my dogs with those clippers, it would have saved me money.
5. I wish that I had planted a bigger garden, it was such a good haul and we could have used more. I wish I hadn't planted those awful radishes.
6. I wish I had brought in my pepper, tomato and basil plants before it got too late. Poor Planning.
7. I wish I had applied for my new certifications sooner instead of procrastinating as usual.
8. I wish I had not snapped at people at all, I am too cranky sometimes.
9. I wish we had taken more trips exploring Philadelphia, especially the markets.
10. I wish I had re-painted the bathroom and kitchen.

Well, if I turn this into a to-do list I guess I have a plan for next year, just like Mike, thanks for the idea! I was going to include more alone dates with my husband, but really, we both love taking the kids with us still, so maybe just a few extra of those thrown in for good measure.

I want you to comment with your lists, or blog them and link to your blog in my comments. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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